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Name:Peter Parker
C O N T A C T + L I V E J O U R N A L + ( C O D I N G ) (gif credit unknown)
Peter Parker was your average geek. Smart, never getting the girls, and always, always being picked on. Singled out by Flash, his life was never easy. Defending those he could always cost him something. Growing up without a father didn't help, but he loves his Uncle Ben and Aunt May far too much for regrets.

Then one day, a spider bit him, and his world was changed. New abilities, the start of a new confidence, and a longing for justice.

Peter takes place at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Mun is a comic book fan, and a fan of Mary Jane Watson, so she is game for any kind of AU after movie plot. Would love to combine with The Avengers. Mun ships everything. Don't hesitate to ship it! Het & Slash friendly. Muse is 18, and the mun is over 18. Spider-Man belongs to Marvel.
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